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UPVC is not plastic (although referred to as a type of plastic) UPVC is made from a vinyl polymer which is bound to chlorine atoms, this is why ordinary plastic paints will not adhere for longevity. 

Absolutely yes! Updating and modernizing your house in the right ways will add value. Making your house more inviting to potential buyers always helps a sale.

Our special paints have a ten-year guarantee; from cracking and peeling. We also guarantee no colour fading for five years.

You can choose from an infinite selection of RAL colours, or even create your bespoke colour with the help of our colour matching service

Yes! The preparation process will depend on the type and condition of the aluminum window frames. Aluminum windows and frames are usually powder coated. Some have a chalky surface, which would need further preparation before painting. Either way, we can paint them, leaving a flawless finish.

Clear the area and then clean the frames, de-grease the UPVC and remove any contaminants. Mask the areas not to be sprayed. Lightly scotch the structures (crucial to ensure that the paint adheres, correctly). Clean the UPVC again and then spray two coats of the selected colour.

We can spray UPVC, wood, composites, glass, metals, cement, fibre glass, brickwork, other plastics and much more. Just ask!

The paint can come with 3 finishes. Matte, Satin and Gloss. Satin is the most popular finish with a 30% shine, but the choice is yours.